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Nutritional Supplements

Promoting wellness through supplementation

We carry a wide variety of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.

Our pharmacists receive specialized training in the area of supplementation and are available to make nutritional support recommendations to meet your specific needs. If you’re unsure about what supplements to take, ask one of our pharmacists or schedule a consultation.

Pharmacist Recommended

Your Options

Prescription drugs are not the entire answer to any health problem. In fact, it is possible that your medications may have actually aggravated your condition or have caused another undesirable condition to arise.

Sierra Compounding Pharmacy offers a full line of nutritional supplements and natural choices—with few, if any, side effects. These over-the-counter and pharmaceutically-graded supplements and nutraceuticals work in harmony with the body to help repair itself and sometimes replace vital nutrients depleted by your prescriptions.

Combined with a healthier diet and lifestyle, they may make major positive changes in the way you feel.

Not quite sure about what supplements to take?

Private Consultations and recommendations are available.

Call 775-853-3500, email sierra@sierrafamilyrx.com, or click below to schedule an appointment.

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