Long Term Care

Providing Long Term Care Medication Solutions

Long Term Care Sierra Family Pharmacies
  • Unit Dose Packaging (Bubble Packs)
  • Medication Administration Records
  • Pharmacists Available for Consulting
  • STAT Delivery
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Educational Programs for Nurses, Families, and Residents

Long Term Care Sierra Family Pharmacies

Kresh Rogina, Pharmacist & Sativa Helu, Manager

Partnering with Sierra Specialty Pharmacy

We deliver caring, compassionate service so you’ll feel confident trusting us with your family’s health.

Pharmacists Available

Our pharmacists are available to assist with drug therapy regimens, dosage reductions, drug interactions, and complications. Emergency pharmacy services are available 24/7, and all medications are delivered by our Sierra Specialty Pharmacy drivers, with a delivery process that determines delivery routes for efficiency, to ensure medications are delivered when needed.

In-House Pharmacy Liaison

Our In-House Pharmacy Liaison is available to educate residents and families on community, state, federal and manufacturer resources available regarding medication payment options, the assisted living care process, and to answer questions regarding medication compliance.

Our Pharmacy Liaison facilitates interactions between the pharmacy and our care partners, in assisted living, group homes, and hospice facilities, to provide the best care services to those we serve.

Improve Medication Compliance & Resident Safety

With our special medication compliance packaging, medications are dispensed in unit- or multi-dose packages. The individually sealed, sequential, easy-open packets are tamper-proof and clearly labeled with the drug names, strengths, descriptions, resident name and administration time. This specialty packaging improves efficiency and safety as well as maintaining the integrity of the medication.

We are compliance partners with the buildings we serve, offering 6-month medication reviews on each resident. The reviews are performed by our pharmacists to help with safety and meeting state regulatory requirements.

Proper Insurance Coverage

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, and collaborate directly with each resident’s insurance company to ensure proper coverage.

We provide in-house billing and are an information resource with insurance questions.

We Care

We reassure our patients and their caregivers that they will receive continuity of care throughout all stages of life, regardless of their physical location - at home, in assisted living/ group home care facilities and hospice. We deliver caring, compassionate service so you will feel confident trusting us with your resident’s health.

Minimize Adverse Drug Events

We work directly with resident’s healthcare providers to ensure they are receiving the all the right medications, minimizing the possibility of negative drug interactions. We work directly with the providers, contacting them for refills as needed and notifying them of possible drug interactions.

Reduce Medication Errors

Our Medication Administration Records (MARs) are easy to use and allow your staff to concentrate on the residents while helping ensure compliance with state regulations and ensure the right medication is taken at the right time.

We consider ourselves a compliance partner in the process of medication management.

Disease State Management

In addition to prescription dispensing, we conduct immunization clinics, supply DME products and diabetes expertise to improve resident care.

Locally Owned

Sierra Specialty Pharmacy is a locally owned, family pharmacy and a proud member of Sierra Family Pharmacies (which also includes Sierra Compounding Pharmacy and Village Pharmacy). Sierra Specialty Pharmacy is owned by third generation pharmacist David Vasenden and his wife Terry, and fellow pharmacist, Brant Skanson, and his wife Julie.