Sierra Family Pharmacies

About Sierra Family Pharmacies
Where you’re a person, not a prescription.™

Sierra Family Pharmacies are locally owned family pharmacies with four locations serving Northern Nevada for over 80 years: Don’s Pharmacy downtown Reno, Sierra Pharmacy in South Reno, Hale’s Pharmacy by Renown campus in Reno, and Village Pharmacy in Incline Village. All four locations are
full service pharmacies, providing traditional prescriptions and compounded medications.

We take the time to get to know you and your family, so you feel confident in trusting us with your family’s health. We treat each patient as a person and not just a prescription, delivering caring, compassionate, and efficient service because we want you to be our customer for life.

Our Vision

  • Establish a reputation for excellence in pharmacy care and be recognized as the region's premier medication resource and medication problem solver for patients, physicians and other colleagues in the medical field.
  • Ensure that our customers walk away with relief, comfort, and satisfaction, as well as an accurate prescription.
  • Promote wellness and quality of life to our community through patient education programs, disease management services, nutritional counseling, and our commitment to community involvement.
  • Develop tools that help people achieve optimal wellness through lifestyle changes such as proper diet, exercise, stress management, quality nutritional support, and when necessary, pharmaceutical intervention.
  • Design our products and services with a "customer for life" in mind. This will reassure customers and their caregivers that they will receive continuity of pharmaceutical care throughout all life stages, regardless of their physical location (at home, Long Term Care, or Hospice).
  • Embrace and advocate change in the pharmacy industry that improves patient care.
  • Make a positive difference in the quality of healthcare delivery in our region. The first way to accomplish this is one prescription at a time. Our customers inspire us on a daily basis, especially the ill and injured children and their families whose stories are often heartbreaking. We take pride in knowing we can make one thing in their lives a little easier. Together, we will passionately focus our volunteer and donation efforts on one cause - finding solutions for the unmet medical needs of children throughout our region.

Don's Pharmacy has been serving Reno/Sparks and Northern Nevada for over 50 years and is a family business owned by David and Terry Vasenden. David is a 3rd generation pharmacist and grew up working in his family's pharmacy.

Village Pharmacy is owned by Brant and Julie Skanson, has been serving Incline Village, Nevada and the surrounding area for over 25 years.

Sierra Pharmacy opened in 2008 and is located on South Virginia Street in Reno. Sierra Pharmacy is owned jointly by the Skansons and the Vasendens.

Hale's Pharmacy joined our group of pharmacies in 2012, and has been serving Reno and surrounding communities for over 84 years.

Both David and Brant received their degrees in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University and have had extensive training in compounding through the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Please contact the location nearest you to to discuss your traditional prescription, compounding or nutritional supplement needs. We look forward to serving you!

Our Mission
Sierra Family Pharmacies are locally-owned, family pharmacies where we guarantee that you'll be treated like a person, not a prescription.

Our goal is to greet every customer by name, every time. From traditional prescriptions and compounding, to medical supplies and supplements, we strive to be the region's premier pharmacies, primary medication resource and prescription problem solvers.

Our state of the art pharmacy technology provides personalized solutions tailored to both patients and practitioners.

We are dedicated to excellence in pharmaceutical care through personal attention, a pleasant experience, and high level of customer satisfaction because we want you to be a customer for life. We deliver caring, compassionate, and efficient service so you feel confident trusting us with your family’s health.

We care about you, your family, and your health...for life.